Here are the "Brick and Mortar" Shops to visit on your outings. Also check out the Districts page if you want to just go to a particular area of Spokane or take a day trip to an outlying town!


Vintage Shops

These are "brick and mortar" stores where you can spend a day checking out all their treasures! This is also the place to contact them or be linked to their website. Time to go treasure hunting!

Check out the calendar of special events going on in our area. Our stores often have weekend sales and festivities which you don't want to miss - also flea markets, estate sales, etc., and plan accordingly!

Check this out for showcase items from vendors of new, different, fun, eclectic items from the Vintage Shops or individuals who have special vintage items they want to sell.

Need to find an item, find out what something is worth or have a question? Post comments here about site, to look for an item or just ask a question about getting an appraisal or anything about that certain vintage item you may have or want to find!

Vintage Shops
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